A few Real Estate professionals have reached the pinnacle of success in their industry and have qualified for the 50MClub®.

50MClub® simply recognizes the lifetime achievers in real estate that have done $50,000,000.00  dollars in closed verifiable real estate sales! That, ladies and gentlemen is a distinguishing point in a career.

Even today with two or three good sales an agent can put together enough volume to join their local version of a club that advertises one million dollars in sales, which isn’t easy. . . now times that by fifty!

It would take them fifty years at this rate to qualify as you have. . .think about that 50 years!

The benefits of being a 50MClub® member are unsurpassed. It immediately designates you as an Ultimate Producer and signifies to your clients (buyers and sellers) this isn’t your first rodeo. . . you can get it done!

Your Name is profiled as an Ultimate Producer, your bio is profiled, your stats are verified, your contact info is profiled with telephone number, web page, email address, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

For $95 annually (less than the cost of an evening out) step up to the club that separates you from the pack and take recognition for your achievements.

We will post you as a 50MClub® achiever today with the applications filled out (apply here).

We’ve all heard about establishing your brand, branding, the importance of an iconic brand, why do you think PoloFerrariTag HeuerStarbucks, etc stress their brand so vehemently? Primarily because the corporate heads want their brands embedded in the high end consumers mind and real estate is no exception.

You also get to use the 50MCLUB® icon on all of your advertising material from paper, brochures, flyers, emails, TV, billboards, etc as long as you keep your yearly active membership current.

Buyers and sellers alike can be continually reminded that their next purchase or sale should be handled by a 50MClub® member every time they pick up a paper, every time they see a brochure, every time they go on the Internet real estate sites, every time they pass by a real estate yard sign, and every time they get an eflyer from an active member flying their 50MClub® Icon.


Sell and Prosper!